42714915_S (2)Halloween is around the corner; a night filled with sweet treats, spooky little trick-or-treaters, and lots of silly fun.

If you don’t go into it prepared, you’re going to be glad to have WellVia in your back pocket. We’re not just talking about picking the right costume. Nothing can turn a spook-tacular night into moans and groans faster than a turned ankle or an aching belly. While we pride ourselves on being there 24/7/365 for our members, we want to offer these tips to you ahead of time in the hopes that you won’t need to call on us Oct. 31!

  • Are you carving a jack-o-lantern for the occasion? Let your little ones draw their design on the pumpkin, leaving the actual cutting to you. And if you want to light it up, get one of those battery-operated flameless lights to put inside, especially if you’re going to be away from home. Best of all, paint your pumpkins this year and afterwards, have fun turning your jack-o-lantern into a pumpkin pie and roasted pumpkin seeds.
  • Head out with a plan… and that doesn’t mean finding what houses are giving away the full-size candy bars! Choose a route you know well and gear the length to your trick-or-treater’s endurance. Wandering aimlessly through unknown terrain is a sure way to run into new trip-factors! Don’t forget to bring a flashlight.
  • Dress for the occasion! Would you pull a pair of stilettos on for a hike? Don’t saddle your little ones with uncomfortable shoes, either. Make sure costumes aren’t too long, and skip the mask! Avoid trips and falls by pulling out the greasepaint instead and give your little ones full peripheral vision and a cooling breeze.
  • Pack a bottle of water. Walking the streets is exhausting and an occasional sip of water will keep everyone hydrated. It might also help you abstain from digging a peanut butter cup out of the bucket!
  • As much as we hate to think about it, be sure to check your children’s candy for they dig in. Throw away anything that isn’t in its original wrapper or looks as if someone could have tampered with it. And unless your home-baked treats came from Grandma, you’re better off tossing those as well. Better safe than sorry!

If, despite your best efforts, a non-emergency medical concern comes up, know that we’re on the job! Within minutes, one of our U.S.-based, board-certified physicians will be there for you, and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home!

How’s that for sweet? Happy Halloween!

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