Attacking asthma!

36077859 - a picture of a boy who have an asthma crisis.Cold temperatures are coming around and with it, at WellVia, we start to see more instances of asthma attacks.

Studies confirm it; exertion in cooler weather triggers inflammation of the airways, leaving you wheezing as your body tries to take in more air. Chances are you’re sucking air in through your mouth, delivering cold, dry air into your lungs instead of the air warmed by the blood vessels in your nose. So now that you know you’re not imagining it – your shortness of breath is real – what can you do to manage it before it turns into a full-blown asthma attack?

  • Prevention is key. Before the cold weather rolls in, work with your primary care doctor to come up with a plan. There are long-term medications you can take to control your asthma and others that will help during a sudden onset. Arm yourself for the coming months.
  • If temperatures fall below 10 degrees Fahrenheit, try to stay indoors. When you must go out, cover your nose and mouth with a scarf, which will help warm the air you take in.
  • Drink a lot of water. People think dehydration is a summer thing but it’s just as important to stay hydrated through the winter. If you have asthma, it helps you break down and remove the mucus that comes with the colder weather.
  • On the home-front, vacuum and dust often to get rid of allergens, and wash your bedding once a week. Avoid sick people – good advice for all of us – and other contaminants that might trigger an attack.
  • If you know you’re going to be exerting yourself in cooler weather, prepare your body through a warm-up routine and a shot from your inhaler. Keep the inhaler near in case you have trouble breathing outdoors.
  • If all else fails, request a consultation with a WellVia physician. We’re available 24/7/365 through the internet, mobile device, or phone, wherever you are. Help is on the way within 10 minutes on average, and at a fraction of the cost you’d pay at an urgent care center or emergency room.

You’re not a WellVia member? There’s an easy remedy for that! For less than $10 a month, you can have non-emergency medical care at your fingertips. We’re not an insurance policy; we provide a telehealth service that bridges the gap between your primary care provider and the emergency room. And our 95 percent approval rating tells us we’re doing something right!

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